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Please support my GoFundMe page for my Surgery during Coronavirus!

Service All Los Angeles at Any Day and Time! 


You request it and will be there as soon as possible.  Accept all forms payments Venmo, Cashapp, Paypal, Goggle Pay, Apple Pay, Zelle, Cash or a Link for Bank Card.

All parts are provided for TV Installation but you can also use your own parts and I will install.

Items such as replacements, installs, or supplies can be provided for reimbursement.


Items or parts will be provided from stores like 

Amazon, Home Depot, Lowes, etc and only from actual 100% Guaranteed Stores. 

Im a Tech servicing Los Angeles, with a team House Cleaners.  We service professional work and give discounts so call me ASAP!

Pool with View

Send pictures of device or repair!

Adjustments or connections, organizing install!

Ask! I will help for any issue!

$10 Referrals for each customer!

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