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Free Money

Enjoy all the free apps to get cash back when spending at your favorite stores!  Most of the apps will get you $10 just to use it plus another $10 to share! 💸


They must download and use the app to get money.  Click on my link under the picture and follow my 💸 Instagram @MoneyDinero10💸

⭐Discount Website:⭐


Tops apps to download are Ibotta, Rakuten, GetUpSide and Dosh!

Also check out my YouTube Video Reviews!

GoFundMe -

Please Donate my GoFundMe page for my Surgery during Coronavirus!


Medical Cannabis Delivery in California


30% Off any Order! 

Just drag the pin to your desired location doesnt have to be home.



Ibotta ($20 free) -

App to receive cash back from purchases at almost any store you can think of plus Food! Download to get $20 free, get $5 off alcohol and $0.75 off uber rides!

Use with your EBT at Groceries stores!

Medical Cannabis Delivery in California

Amuse ($30 free) -

Get $30 Free with First Order!



Rakuten ($40 Free!) -

App to receive cash back at almost any store online almost any store! Download to get $40 Free!

getupside logo.jfif

Get Upside (Gas Free) -

Get 55 Cents Free per Gallon of Gas!


Discounts on Gas!

amazon prime 1.jfif

Amazon Prime ($5 off) -

Download to get $5 off Amazon Prime!

Link your EBT Card to get 50% off Amazon Prime Membership!


Instacart ($10 off) -

Delivery for groceries and items from any store to your home!

Thrive Market.jpg

Thrive Market ($40 off) -

Download to get $40 off first purchase with a $40 Free gift and $25 to share.  Organic foods and a great discount price plus free shipping!


Walmart Groceries ($15) -

Use link to get $10 off your Walmart Groceries order when you buy more than $50.

DoorDash wix.jpg

DoorDash Food ($30 off) -

Use my link to get $30 off first purchase over $15 on Food Delivery to your home.


Cash App ($30 free) -

App to send and receive money plus $5 to share. 


Via (Free Rides) 

Referral Code: Billy8g2

Best app of the year with free rides! You can travel for free within Compton, North Hollywood, El Monte and Compton to metro stations.  $10 to share to each friend!

Tappy Cards s.jpg

Tappy Card -

Use link to get a Tappy Card for $25 and 2nd half off! To have all you social media in one card by using NFC or QR Code.  Watch my Youtube Review.


Dosh ($10 free) -

App to get cash back from restaurants nearby.  Link your card to automatically get money.  Download to get $5 and $10 to share.  $25 cash back on Hotels!  Must link card and make purchase to get credit.


Gillete ($5 off) -

Download to get $5 off first purchase and $5 to share.


DoorDash Driver (Extra $600) -

Use my link to work for DoorDash as a driver and get extra $600 to start plus pay per delivery!

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