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Cleaner Service!

Regular and Super Clean

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Regular Clean Service will include just a regular clean as you request but if you decide to go for a deep clean, then our Super Clean Service is what you want for only $10 more! We have a minimum of 2 Hours but you get the Cleaner at your Imagination to clean as you request. Regular Clean: - Clean Every Room - No Deep Clean - No Inside Fridge - No Walls - Cleaner at your Imagination 完Please Have To Do List For Cleaner!完 The $10 fee for Super Clean is the best option if you want to clean anything. Just always ask your cleaner to deep clean anything for that paid time. Usually a house of 3 Bedrooms and 2 Bathrooms will take 5 Hours. (Average time based on other Apps like Handy) Super Clean add $10 Hr: - Clean Every Room - Deep Clean as requested - Include Fridge if empty - Walls as requested - Cleaner at your Imagination 完1 Cleaner for Price 完 2 Cleaners for Double the Price Pricing Cost with Supplies per Hour: - $90 for 2 Hours - $120 for 3 Hours - $150 for 4 Hours - $180 for 5 Hours Extra Time - $30 for 1 Hour - $15 for 30 Mins Hire Cleaner without Supplies - $25 Regular - $35 Super Clean How does this work the cleaner doesnt take supplies? The cleaner will obviously have gloves and be ready to clean. But by them not taking supplies, it helps us save time and your money! Every home already has cleaning supplies so using those supplies shouldnt be a problem. (Please note that to qualify the customer has to fully include all supplies needed for that job. If customer only provides example towels or a scrub with 1 spray will not qualify if you needed your carpet vaccummed.) ...Remember is the Cleaner you hired doing the cleaning not you! You can always request the cleaner to not bring supplies for a different fee!


No Refund on $5 booking fee but can reschedule for a future date!



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